I upload what I think is good and which also includes what I listen to daily or less. Deep love and respect for these guys. Enjoy 🙂

My Own:


Latest Uploads(Could be an other artist or not, Definitely worth checking out):

SoundCloud is my Original songs. I don’t have a single, set genre, yet I’m still very amateur and try to differentiate myself from the rest.

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Lil Bio:

My craving for NEW good music, will never die and every time I do a new mix, I always seem find music that blows my mind! Trying to break the mold. I’ve always done music mixes for the need of NEW good music and not for the fame or for the club. Music is a huge part of my life and I just feel like some of these songs are extremely good and need to be heard. Once I started making my own songs it really influenced what I listen to and my tastes. So forive me if you do not hear any commercial tunes etc etc.


Thanks For Taking The Time Out To Check Out My Newbie Website And Music Hope You Enjoyed The Music!


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